November Meeting

The Winning Finds for November

                    Civil War:     1st place    C S Spur                                      Phillip Moore
                                         2nd place   Confederate  Spur                          Charles Emmons
                                         3rd place    Box Plate                                     Phillip Moore

                           Coins:           1st place      1911 Barbara Dime                   Mitchel Pounders
                                         2nd place    Mercury Dime                                  Phillip Moore
                                                 3rd place     1955 Penny                                         Joe Lawson

                       Jewelry:       1st  place   Watch Case                                Charles Emmons
                   Civilian:       1st  place Stirup                             Charles Emmons
                                     2nd Place     Printing Block            Charles Emmons
                              3rd Place      Button                         Phillip Moore

November Winners
Front Row L to R: Phillip Moore - Mitchel Pounders
Back Row L to R: Joe Lawson - Charles Emmons

Gerry Calley won the November Raffle of
A Hanover Brass reproduction Plate

Steve Newell          -                  Gerry Calley

The Tri-State Coin & Relic Hunter's Club
Proudly Welcomes three new Members for November

More Pictures from the November Meeting

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