"The Big Winners"

Michael Hoge (Georgia Frame) - Neil Bennett (Box Plate) - Rodney Lewis (Breast Plate)- Ronnie Richardson (CS Egg) - Thomas Black (Box Plate) - Mark Emmons (Box Plate)
The Plate Finders

Mark Laflin  - Marty Hubbard - Michael Hog - Gerry Stach (Lousiana Button) - Not Pictured - Trey Boulware
The Confederate Button Finders

Gabriel Bromley  - Clay Smith - Charles Emmons

The Canon Ball Finders


Susan Davidson - Al Bordelon  - Gerald Starr
The Metal Detector Winners

A Good Time was had by all.
The Tri-State Coin and Relic Hunter's Club would like to thank all particitants
in the hunt, Mr. Paul Kennedy, Janice Robinson, Cindy and Kaley Lytal, and all the members
of The Tri-State Coin & Relic Hunter's Club for their help in organizing the Hunt.

A special thanks to Garrett Metal Detectors, Encore Products, Fisher Metal Detectors, Gary Williams and Hanover Brass,
Ron Barnes and Bay Country Metal Detectors,  Tesoro Electronics Inc., Chuck Marcum of Indian Nations Detectors,
Weastern & Eastern Magazine, Americian Digger Magazine, Eddie Harrison, Heath Jones of Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors, Duard Fox & Minelab
and all the Club members and Participants for their donations of prizes and targets for the Hunt.

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